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Borer Control Auckland

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Are you looking for borer control Auckland services? You have come to the right place and we will not disappoint you. The borer is one of the insects that have great potential to destroy your property. This is a type of beetle that is known for eating wood, on your property.

In some cases, this may be happening inside your walls or on the roof, which is hard to notice. As such, we recommend for seasonal inspection of your property so as to ensure that it is safe. The borers are normal active from January to March. While you may not know it, the maggots of the borer beetle are the most dangerous ones as they will eat away the wood. We are proud to offer professional pest control service Auckland and our borer treatment is effective for commercial and residential property. We know that these insects will eat the wood and this can compromise the integrity of your structure. The challenge for most people is the identification of borers since there are quite a number of species in New Zealand. You do not have to worry about this since our technicians are experienced and will easily identify them. If you have been noticing holes in different areas of your home, there is a possibility that there are boring insects on your property. Give us a call for effective pest control Auckland NZ.


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Keeping Borers Away

If you have untreated timber on your property, this may appeal to boring insects. If the wood is moist, then the borer may find its way to your home or workplace. They will start eating the wood away and after a while, you may have a very weak structure. It is common to have borers coming to your home and this is why pest management Auckland is essential. We will be the ones to go around your property so as to determine if there is any part of the wood that has been compromised. With our knowledge and understanding, we should be able to stop the life cycle of the borers.

When you have borer beetles your property, we are the pest control company Auckland to keep them away. We will remove them and provide the right treatment solutions. Once we have controlled the pests, we will ensure that your property is protected and the borers will never find your home to be appealing.

borer control auckland

We are a company that uses organic pest control solutions, which are safe for you. Once we have finished with the borer removal we will preserve the wood and treat it so as to make it resistant to pests. Painting the timbers on your property is a great way to keep borers away. Rodent control Auckland

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If you have any type of insects or pests in your home give us a call. We offer comprehensive services including borer control Auckland. We are the best pest controllers in this region and we will be glad to serve you. Contact us to get a free estimate and inspection.